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ABL’s Christmas closure dates

Christmas is nearly here! Below are our closing dates, to avoid disappointment please familiarise yourself with closing/ reopening dates. ABL UK will close for the Christmas break on Friday 20th December (stock take will be taking place during this day) and will re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2020.  Any orders received by ABL UK after […]

Help promote a healthy workspace with ABL’s cable management solutions

Our ergonomic office accessories are designed to help all end-users work efficiently and safely in the workplace, we offer a range of products designed to help improve posture, reduce neck and back pain and promote an organised office desk that avoids trip hazards. Our range of under desk cable management solutions not only help avoid […]

How to avoid Cable Management chaos

Working in an office environment generally means having lots of laptops/ PC’s and devices which help every employee connect with the world. Unfortunately, such devices also come with a range of wires which means cables are on and under desks. Cable chaos under employees’ desks can be hazardous as cables are not seen and therefore […]

Office Power Modules and fan heaters

Winter is here and the number one priority is to keep warm and safe! The cold weather we’ve been experiencing has caused some uncomfortable working temperatures, leaving workers up and down the country looking for ways to warm up. Hats, jumpers, coats and gloves can keep us warm outside but don’t really cut it in […]

Stay connected with ABL

Internet has changed the way we work and live. The internet now allows us to order products, shop and browse for items online as well as keeping in touch with people via popular apps including Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp. The internet is a communication platform with people connecting all around the globe via email, video […]

Is USB charging safe?

Our devices are forever changing and new emerging trends including wireless charging, 5G and QI enabled technologies are here. Now a day’s phones and tablets only come with a USB cable which provides charge to your phone in the same time it would take to charge with a plug. USB’s charging sockets are now within […]

Promote a stress free work station with the correct ergonomic office accessories

It is a well-known fact that employees are a company’s greatest asset and as awareness of the importance of personal well being grows, employees everywhere are looking for ways to best support workers health and happiness! International stress awareness week takes place from today until Friday 8th November. This week has been created to provide […]

Trickle or treat? What’s the difference with USB smart charge and USB Data

ABL are proud to offer a range of in desk, on desk and under desk power modules to help you work faster, tidier and smarter. Our popular smart charge USB port is often mistaken with our USB data. They are both excellent configurations but offer difference services. USB Smart Charge Our latest smart charge facility […]

Why should computer screens be mounted on a monitor arm?

Ergonomic office accessories are designed to help the end user work efficiently and safely in the work place. Popular products including cable spines and flat screen monitor arms are becoming more and more popular as they promote a clean, organised and safe work environment. But why should computer screens or monitors be mounted on a […]