ABL’s free office power floor planning service

One of the services we are good at providing, yet is possibly not well known, is that we can review your office design floor plans and help you determine the requirement for power modules and cable management solutions.

Our fully trained staff have a thorough understanding of the requirements for BS6396 and are on hand to provide the best possible assistance and advice to support your office refurbishment project, so don’t get in a muddle with your mains leads and media connections, we are here to help!

Here at ABL we know that every business is different and we are proud of our ability to understand our customer’s needs and provide the best possible service.  Whether you are looking for a full office fit out or a refreshing new look, ABL provides a wide range of products designed to improve productivity and well-being.

Simply send a floor plan to our experienced sales team with the power sockets and desk sizes marked.  We can then help you interpret your client’s needs and draw up a quotation that ensures all connections are catered for while keeping your costs to a minimum.

Example floor plan

Example floor plan

There is no additional charge for this service; so contact us today for your no-obligation quotation to see how we can help your customer’s vision come to life and assist in providing a worry free installation.

To seek more advice on our range of services give our friendly sales team a call on +44 (0)1933 400080 or email our team at sales@abl-uk.com

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