ABL-KMG2P1SSCDKompact Mini with 2xUK, Smart Charge & Data GreyKompact Mini with 2xUK, Smart Charge & Data Grey

Product overview

Please note that the Kompact Mini is being discontinued. Call 0800 082 1444 now for remaining availability

Kompact in desk power module, available in a variety of configurations providing you with power, data and media connections.

  • Kompact Mini with 2xUK 5A 1xSwitch 1xSmart Charge Hub 2xRJ45 Cat5E Data in Grey
  • Individually Fused with 5A or 3.15A sockets
  • Spare fuse in each socket
  • GST-18
  • Slim Design
  • Sits flush on the desk
  • Also available in white and black
  • Supplied with a neon switch as standard
  • ABL Product Code: ABL-KMG2P/1S/SC/2D

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